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Over the past two years, we have all noticed some huge changes that Google has made. It is evident that they are putting an extra emphasis on their Google My Business review link. In fact, the blue Google review link comes up in just about every search. The reality is that Google has done this because they know that customers are searching out reviews before deciding who to do business with. It's hard not to when the blue Google review link is found in almost every search result.

Get 5-Star Reviews
  • Build Your 5-Star Reputation
  • Provide Increased Credibility
  • Build Trust Into Your Products and Services
  • Make Your Business Stand Out in the Search Results

Online Reviews are Trusted

Are there other businesses in your area selling the same thing or similar? How do people decide which business to buy from? A large percentage will simply read the reviews and choose the business that seems the nicest. It's that simple. A study from Nelson ratings, found that the majority of buyers trust an online Google review as much as personal recommendations. Reviews become more and more important as people are getting more and more used to comparison shopping online.

Trusted Opinion Study

The truth is that if you competitors have better reviews than you, you are definitely losing sales right now and do not even know it. Good reviews equal the customer feels they will have the same experience and shop where they see other happy customers. Bad reviews equal the customer feels they can have that same experience, so they call someone else. You lost the sale.

Build Your 5-Star Reputation

Greet your sales today with a five-star reputation. How does our system work? We do all the heavy lifting, all you have to do is enter your customers cellphone number into the desktop portal. Your customer will then receive a text asking for the customers feedback. If the customer has a positive experience with your business, our system automatically redirects them to your Google page for them to post a review.

Our system will build your five-star reputation fast, while also giving you a new insight into your customers actual shopping experience. This insight gives you the ability to immediately solve customer service issues while also maximizing your ability to capture customer referrals. We will also give you free advertising with our Facebook share option. Our system will build your 5-star reputation online fast. The reviews will make you look like the easy choice.

Google My Business

85% of Customers Trust Online Reviews as Much as Personal Recommendations

Real Reviews Real Customers
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